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Skin Tanning beauty equipment

Skin Tanning beauty equipment
Product Detailed
Skin Tanning beauty equipment make you more capable,vigorous,active,and bright. improve the sensitivity of motor nerve,etc.

 M-5 Skin Tanning beauty equipment

Function of this Skin Tanning beauty equipment


1.Make you become more capable and vigrous!      

There is sloaration effect in sun shower, 1. Give your skin tan color to make you capable and vigorous, much stronger, more responsible. For marketing personnel, you will give customer a good impression.You will take advantage in job hunting.For those resons, more and more business men want to get tan color of skin.

2.Mood become more active and bright.

The brightness of sunlight can improve your thinking and consciousness, your mood turn to active and bright

The Light enter the brain from eyes, secreting brain nerve substances and  transmit to serotonin. Serotonin is a kind of subtance that make people cheerful and change  the direction of plant activities .

As the increase of secreting  Serotoniny, people will have self-confidence, character will become bright. It is said that the Southerner are more cheerful than norther, that is because too much sunlight.

3.Accelerate the abosorption of calcium, improve the sensitivity of motor nerve

  Ion is the media of the  transmission of motor nerve and contraction activities of muscle. The  absorption of calcium need vitamin D3. The generetion of vitamin   D3 is due to  the irradiation of the solar UV (B-) and can strengthen their bones.

4. Increase charm

  The bright sunlight, ultraviolet (B), can increase the secretion of various hormones, and have regulate effect. For example, improving the behavior of serotonin, and promote sleep faded melanoma, and of hormones, and are subject to the influence of sunlight.

  The countries which are sufficient in suns rays  are very enthusiastic and energetic, to nurture good children. Because sunlight can promote  the secretion which can  attract the opposite sex hormones, sex hormone. The Sun shower have same fuction

5 Strengthen bones and teeth

The main ingredient of bones and teeth  is calcium. If calcium  can not intussuscept enough. Bones teeth will be weak and easy to generate Ruanguzheng, decayad toooth , legs caused deformation  because of the uncomfortable shoes Besides, if calcium  can not intake enough, the calcium will be taken from the bones,provide

to the physiological activities of  transmiting the nerve and  cells. The result is that bone density change, as osteoporosis. because sunbath is  conducive to the absorption of calcium and promoting the generation of vitamin D3 in the body. It have effort to strengthen bones and teeth.

6. Restore colck work

  The physiological activities of the human body is in a law. This kind of law is called bilogical clock, this clock is regulated by sunrise to sunset. The sun's rays promote the secretion of hormone that relate with various physiological activities, thus formed bed, activities, rest, sleep, and other life laws. If consecutive life in the absence of sunlight, it will not comfortable to get bed in the morning and difficult to sleep at night, daytime fatigue. As this case continued, the result is  lock confusion.  The rays of sun help to restore biological clock

It can lifte daytime fatigue, sleeping better at night. Due to different resumption of the time, Overseas travel cause tbilogical clock confusion.

Following is the reason that confusion.

7. Eliminate fatigue and stress Fatigue is divided into muscle fatigue and other physical fatigue and mental fatigue.

When people feel physical fatigue, the fatigue of lactic acid substances in human body will increase. it will be

eliminated in the rest. Bath or Sauna, will rise the temperature and sweat, thus lactic acid will be eliminated

8. Slimming

The energy of human is from  Food and water in carbon compounds, fat and sugar. But if it intake too much, the rest will turn fat and store in human body. This is the so-called stubborn curves, but it is also the reason of obese.    The sunshower can enhance  metabolism and can burn excess fat and calorie. Prticularly, it is fit to these people who have no ime do exercise.

9.  Help skin rejuvenation Calcium can promote ativities of cell. UV-B wave is  Conductive  to promote  calcium absorption. The

warmth of sunlight can promote skin blood circulation , Therfore, the skin enjoy sunbath become smooth and


10. UV resistantance

The sun's ray is powerful, the most powerful is one that light-wave is shorter. It can permeate and operate cell, howerve, the amount of UV is excessive, skin generate melanin through melanoma cells , filitering and adjust penetration of ultraviolet. Because the UV have effect to freeze deep melanin. The case that melanin fix in the skin is called solarization, and the skin by  solarization have resistance to UV.  The sun shower is much safer than enjoying natural sun bath in summer.

The treatment effect

  In medical facilities, as light therapy, the disease can be carried out on the following adjuvant therapy, there will be significant results (of different symptoms, the composition of the light will be different) allergic dermatitis (a small amount of UV-B radiation waves) infectious diseases such as influenza (a small amount of UV-B radiation waves)

1. Give your skin tan color to make you capable and vigorous, much stronger, more responsible

2. The brightness of sunlight can improve your thinking and consciousness, your mood turn to active and bright

3. Accelerate the abosorption of calcium, improve the sensitivity of motor nerve, muscle become much stronger..

4. Promote the generation of vitamin D3 and abosorption of calcium, enhance the obdurability of bone and teeth.

5. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is good to enhance immunity and prevent diseases.

6.The ray of sunlight accelerate the secretion of hormone which relate with various physiological activities.

7. Promote the secretion of serotonin, the elimination of muscle fatigue and mental fatigue

8. The thermo effect of sun shower warm  up the temperatur of human,buring up the excess fat and calories. help the rejuvenation of your skin, have the effect to loss weight.


Voltage: 220V/22A  power: 4.4KW

Lamp: 10w, 33 pieces. 25w 10pieces

size H=2085mm   W=860mm    D=860mm   G.W80KG

Skin Tanning beauty equipment

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