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H-10 Health & Longevity Detox Beauty Equipment(1st generation)

H-10 Health & Longevity Detox Beauty Equipment(1st generation)
Product Detailed
excite the nerve anti-inflammatory and analgesic,potential balance purify the environment in the body restoration of muscle

H-10 Health & Longevity Detox Beauty Equipment(1st generation)


Health & Longevity Detox Equipment (1st generation), is based on the medical and Electrophysiology. It uses meridian theory, biological power to activate the corresponding points, play their effectiveness. This way gathers acupuncture, massage, pointing, all are wanted positive power by the body, so that avoids drugs side effects on the people and achieve a healthy body. It is more suibable for whom sensitive with the medicine.

1. Energy points massage

Energy points massage collect the acupuncture, massage and opening the points good traits, to act on the relevant meridians and make the blocked meridianget through instantly, effectively dredge humen beings meridians , at the same time cause the muscle contration and extrusion to adjust the course of the bioelectricity and metabolism. After energy activation, auto adjust the body function, melody the qi and blood, keep energy in the body, so as to retain the youth

2. Energy diagnosis

Energy diagnosis, through activating humen bodys energy, can instantly from the Human Relax Zone, check discomfort of relevant viscera and the corresponding parts of the degree of strain. 

3. Energy dredging the meridians

It uses the human beings energy to stimulate the air and spirit in body, dredge the meridian, so get No pain if smooth flow with Qi and Blood, produce much more energy.


1.      Excite the nerve.

The activation energy can cause central nervous system and sensory nerve, motor nerve and botanic nerve autonomic excitement and inhibition, to improve nerve regain consciousness and enhance self-discipline nerve, more effective to treat on headache, trigeminal nerve, peripheral nerve palsy.

2.      Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

The activation energy can cause nerve tissue so excited increased brain endorphin, producing abirritation, to adapt to all kinds of pain in the treatment of disease, enable the smooth flow of the meridian, so improve the partial blood circulation, absorb inflammatory substances and speed up the removal. Phagocytosis active, improve immune function, play a role in inflammation, such as the treatment of acute gastroenteritis short,quick


3.      Balance of yin and yang

Healthy people always keep healthy balance of yin and yang in the body, when the body suffers from the disease, will cause the imbalance between yin and yang. Through the body activation energyto restore balance between yin and yang, then eliminate the disease.

4.      Purify the environment in the body

Energy production can lead the acid, triglycerides, cholesterol, and other impurities break down which are adhesion to blood vessel walls, to drain out by metabolism, then purify the blood and recover smooth flow of blood vessels and flexible to promote blood circulation and metabolism At the same time, change the concentration of electricity ions in the body, activate the penetration, improve the vitality of cells and speed up waste removal, clean up the environment in the body.

5.      Restoration of muscle function

Energy can make contraction muscle restore function, the capillaries in muscle become rich and produce more oxygen-metabolizing enzymes and active.

6.      Potential balance

Under normal circumstances, each part of potential in the humen bodies in a state of balance, but once meeting the disease, bio-voltage significantly lower than normal, energy will activate the body cells, increase the conversion feature of its own strength, have more energy, make the electricity adjustment and balance the potential.


1.      Results are obvious: instantly activate energy, smoothen the meridian, after the meridian clear, rapidly eliminate all kinds of diseases.

2.      No side effects: no injections, no medicine, no pain, no infection.

3.      To adapt to a wide range: can be used for day-to-day care, beauty.

H-10 Health & Longevity Detox Beauty Equipment(1st generation)

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